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Bonfire Nails


About This Fire Nails Design

My friend is moving in a few days so he's having a bonfire as a final get-together. I thought it would be really fun to do a bonfire inspired manicure to match the occasion.

What I Used

1. Zoya Tanzy
2. Julep Charlie
3. Julep Myrtle
4. Ulta Little Black Dress
5. Scotch Tape
6. Hobby knife
7. Seche Vite

This design looks harder than it is. I painted all of my nails, except for my ring finger and thumb, with Little Black Dress. For the fire nails, I just did a marble using cling wrap! While it dried, I cut a fire shape out of a piece of scotch tape using the hobby knife. Once my marbled nails were dry, I applied my homemade fire stencils and painted over them with Little Black Dress.  A little Seche Vite over everything and done!

This design is really fun and edgy. It's amazing what you can create with just nail polish and a few things from around the house!

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