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Studdded Checker Nails


Checker Nails

I got these metal studs and have been itching to use them as often as possible. There are dozens of colors, shapes, and sizes and the possibilities are near endless. Also, since they are metal, they can be reused!

What I used for these studded checker nails

1. OPI It's My Year
2. Sally Hansen White On
3. Seche Vite
4. Scotch Tape
5. Small gold heart studs
6. An orange wood stick

This design is much simpler than it looks thanks to the Scotch tape. I started with a couple coats of It's My Year. Once it had dried completely, I used two pieces of tape and taped off a quarter of my nail. I used White On and removed the tape. Once dry, I taped off another quarter to make a checker pattern. I topped it with Seche Vite and while it was still wet, I applied the studs. To pick up and place the studs, I used the pointy end of an orange wood stick that I dipped in top coat. After placing the studs, I used another thick coat of Seche Vite to smooth things out and give the studs a little more security.

This nail art was SO FUN to wear! I got a ton of comments on them and the studs just add that little something to take them over the edge.

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